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The Colours Of His Life. (Sunset Song)

Title: The Colors Of His Life
Author: flubber2kool
Artist: christinchen
Pairing: Rodney McKay/Carson Beckett
Rating: G
Summary: Carson reflects on the colours that have been part of his life.
Challenge: Challenge 016 - Colors artword

There were may colors that Carson associated with his life. Some of them had good memories. Some not so much.

As he stood looking out to sea, he began to think about his life. To remember.

Purple - This reminded him of the thistles that grew in his mothers garden. He had been at her to get them removed for years but she was having none of it.

“They’re the national flower of our country laddie so leave well alone.”

Carson knew that when his mother was in that kind of mood there was no way he was going to win. Not only that, if he did do anything she would be really cross with him and he would rather be caught out in a force ten gale in winter than face that.

It also reminded him of the color of the heather on the hillsides in the countryside, where he would go and walk on his time off from the hospital. It was great to get away from the city and to loose himself in the peace and tranquility of the great outdoors. It made a change from having to struggle with someone who didn’t want to be treated in A&E or operating on someone.

Red, Blue, Green and White - This reminded Carson of the Scottish National Tartan that he wore when he put his kilt on. He didn’t get to wear if that often but when he did he was filled with pride. Carson was proud of his Scottish Heritage.

Red also reminded him of the his job as CMO of the Atlantis expedition and some of the things that he had had to do while back on earth. Most of time seeing red meant someone had been hurt. Sometimes it was nothing but a cut on the finger. Sometimes it could be serious enough that he had to go in to the operating theater. Despite the fact that he was good at what he did, after all thats why he was on Atlantis, he never relished the times that he had to do this. Having someone’s life in his hands was never easy.

Blue and White reminded him of the Saltire. The flag of the Scotland. When Carson had joined the expedition, he had insisted that he had a Scottish flag on his uniform. It just felt right somehow.

Blue was the color of his lover Rodney’s eyes. Occasionally, while Rodney was sitting chatting about the day that he had had Carson would loose himself in those eyes.

White reminded him of hospital walls. When he had time to settle in to Atlantis, he had found it strange that although there were labs, there wasn’t a place that was obviously meant for an infirmary. In hindsight, he supposed that a race that was hell bent on ascension wouldn’t really worry about something like that. That, and the fact that they didn’t seem to go in for much interior decoration.

White also reminded him of the base in Antarctica. This was where he first met Rodney, deep beneath the ice. He was the man in the orange fleece. Despite the fact that Rodney came over as arrogant, opinionated and at times downright rude, Carson began to see behind the facade. This was where he began to fall for him.

Carson looked up from his musings. He was still standing on the balcony looking out across the ocean to the distant horizon. The sun was beginning to set, turning gold as it did so. The sky filling with golds and reds and pinks that caught the sparse clouds that hung in the air. There was a sound of footsteps from behind him. Turning around he saw Rodney with two cups in his hands.

“Coffee?” Rodney asked with a smile.

Carson nodded.

Rodney walked over to stand beside him. As he handed the cup to Carson he said, “ Milk and two sugars. Just the way you like it.”

Carson took it with a smile. “Thanks love.”

Rodney slipped his hand round Carson’s waist and laid his head on his shoulder. Carson lay a kiss on Rodney’s head and they stood watching the sunset.

Rodney stood up to drink his coffee and put his hand on Carson’s as it lay on the balcony rail.

Looking at Rodney, Carson knew that of all the colors in his life, these were the ones he loved most of all.

This ia a link to christinchens art work

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